A Case Study: Our Asset Tracking and Asset Management System



An IT major was looking for a reliable partner who can take up their asset management services across 20 Locations.

Challenge Faced:

Decentralized approach to manage critical assets for their departments across PAN India locations led to time consuming audits, unnecessary spending and incomplete records required for annual reporting.


Major Findings SuperSeva Key Features and Solution
Affordability of quality staff to manage assets was always an issue Built a client-dedicated team staffed with highly educated, skilled, and committed analysts
Imparting training for employees was extraordinarily challenging, time consuming, and mentally draining Developed staff’s technical expertise and business mindedness to handle future uncertainties in the business
No Proper Documentation Maintained a library of more than 150 asset reports on a weekly basis. Accurate and regular reports sent by compiling, listing and analyzing the data about fixed and moveable facilities assets across the inventory
Day to day update issues. Our Asset management team runs  consistent processes on a day-to-day basis, which includes high-end research like preparing financial models, writing credit reports, asset status  and performance reporting for funds
Coping with human error in the processes and work system We practice comprehensive mix of technology and human intervention to capture and report data. Now, all assets are centralized and everyone is connected. Real-time Record of every Movable/Immovable asset is kept
No flexibility to adhere to changes as per client’s requirements Customized products / templates was created to suit the client’s diverse requirements
Managing competitive tariff to sustain in the market Discreet cost management measures  were put into practice (e.g. investment prioritization, better cost transparency, partnership with potential vendors) to control the costs
Management had to shuffle time from core job to supervise asset management Created a sustainable offshore business model enabling the client to focus on key engagements



By adopting our innovative managed services technologies, clients can continuously assess the real-time condition of their assets. Appropriate maintenance can now be carried out at the right time – striking the best balance between using the equipment to its maximum capability and minimizing disruption from possible failures.

We are more than 15 years young in this business. Our strong clientele list is a shining example of our outstandingly good asset management practices and processes.

To know more about us, connect with our tracking specialist on +91-9743750600 / +91-9945239351 or drop an email toamresha@superseva.com / kumud@superseva.com

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Prolonging your asset life


Your organization’s assets symbolize a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

Companies are required to estimate the availability and status of an asset for financial reporting. Banks require 3rd party audit reports of assets for lending considerations.

With SuperSeva’s Enterprise Asset Management module you can easily tag their location and ownership; access the product information such as warranties and depreciation values, thereby improving the efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

Our Features:

Our Services are a comprehensive mix of technology and human intervention. It includes state of art devices and tools in the hands of well trained personnel to capture the right and reliable data.

  • At SuperSeva, we use following systems and tools to capture and report data
    • Asset Tracking software: can capture the details of all existing assets, supports report creation and reviews
    • Mobile handhelds – devices allow you to capture data from the nook and corners of warehouse store or in the in situ
    • Bar-code/RF ID – for unique tagging and identification purposes
  • Takes control of the entire asset inventory including managing location, assignments, ownership, warranties, asset condition and maintenance history
  • Accurate and regular reports by compiling, listing and analyzing the data about fixed and moveable facilities assets across the inventory

Avail our Services and let our experts analyze and optimize your in-house asset tracking processes and streamline it. For queries and more info dial +91- 9743750600 /+91- 9945239351 or drop a mail to amresha@superseva.com /kumud@superseva.com  .

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Simplified Managed Services – Mail-room


SuperSeva Services Private Limited, founded in the year 2000, is headquartered in Bangalore. For nearly 16 years now, we have been providing comprehensive Enterprise-centric services to help organizations conduct business more effectively. Today, SuperSeva is the leader in the Enterprise Support service industry in India serving numerous clients across the country.

SuperSeva has always invested in IT innovations and solutions to bring scalable and reliable solutions for clients. We have developed and rolled out many solutions including asset management, transport management and facility management areas. Our Automated Mailroom Management Solution is a unique and innovative solution that helps corporate to realize substantial productivity by optimizing their mail room function.

Our Managed Mail room offers:

• On-site mail-room
• Inbound mail management
• Secure screening of mail and goods
• Outbound mail management
• Dispatch management of mail and courier items
• Sorting to department level
• Inter-site mail distribution across branch networks
• Cost-effective postal services
• Print and stationery management
• Query resolution
• MIS & Reporting
• Vendor management

With TrakMail – SuperSeva’s Managed Mail-room our clients can:

• Focus on their core business
• Reduce the time between receipt of incoming mail and distribution within the business
• Cost savings by 50% by optimizing deployment of mail room assets and staff
• Improve operational effectiveness. i.e. Categorizing and prioritizing incoming mail so that the most important documents are processed first.
• Develop overall information management by centralizing the storage and distribution of important business documents, reducing lost information and lost time to retrieve mislaid documents.
• Attain effective integration between the mailroom and the print room
• Ensure compliance and comprehensive mail tracking
• Increase efficiency through the latest mail innovations
• Improved security, reliability and quality control
• Work with a partner who has over 15 years’ proven experience in managing mail rooms and identifying innovative solutions for all industries and asset types, at all major cities in PAN India i.e. Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, etc

Begin exploring SuperSeva’s mailroom solutions for your businesses.

Dial +91- 7026605888 / +91 9945239351 or you can mail your requirements to krnaveen@superseva.com / Kumud@superseva.com

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Freedom from your TO-DO LIST


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Planning memorable weekends!!


Worried how to make the most out of your weekend?


Connect with us to customize your weekends that are memorable, relaxing, and productive and filled with moments you have lived. Spend your weekends with us that leave you refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so you can be charged to hit Monday and make it a great one.

SuperSeva believes in delivering luxury and happiness and fill your life with comforts. You just need to contact our experts while we’ll take care of all footwork that needs to be done.

How we make the most of your weekend?

  • Need to get a hold of those tickets of your favorite band or artist? Just call us and we will make it happen!
  • Subscribe with our weekly newsletters and stay updated with latest events and offers. We can procure the latest tickets of event/sports events like IPL Tickets /musical concerts in your city
  • Locate and book entertainment of your choice
  • Arranging a table at a notable restaurant of your choice. Whether it is for business purpose or for your loved ones we’ll take care
  • All types of events planning and coordination
  • Suggesting gifts, buying and gift wrap , doing errands and proper delivery to gift a wonderful day for your loved ones
  • Spa and Salon Services
  • We can make all your wish list happen till it is ethical


How do you spend your weekend? Tell us how we can help to make it better. We’ll be happy to assist in getting your wish fulfilled.

Contact us today on +91-9590901901 or drop us an email to info@superseva.com

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Optimize your Front Office


Managed Front Office Services from SuperSeva has expertise in managing people and process so you can focus on your core business.


Why not outsource this important and crucial function to SuperSeva and thus ensure:

  • Groomed office personnel to create an everlasting impression of your company
  • Trained to handle call volume and engage with guests/visitors on the reception
  • Your calls routed to the right department, leaving not just a good impression but also will bring along prospective leads
  • Expertise Team Leaders to handle your issues immediately
  • Attrition managed with stiff deadlines. We are ready with back-up support
  • Reliability and punctuality ensured. Front office is managed as per the agreed SLAs
  • Regular skill training and grooming sessions provided to Front Office Executives through our professional Partner
  • A reception service that empowers your brand values
  • Visitors relaxed and in the mood for doing business
  • Dedicated Team Leaders  to handle your issues immediately
  • Reduced support staff payroll costs
  • Reduced work space and associated costs
  • Absenteeism managed with back-up support
  • A record of Service Excellence with PAN India presence – we have bench marked our practices with the best in the industry


Ready to sign up or need more information on details, quotes and contracting purposes; Please contact us today by dialing  + 91 9739222222 or drop a mail to Rajanikanth@superseva.com /Kumud@superseva.com

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Simplified Managed Services – Front Office


Our wide-range of value added services span across myriad industries PAN India.

As a managed service provider we undertake enduring responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and resolving issues for the business processes. SuperSeva offers a range of managed service options, including front office management, transport desk management , asset management and facility support services, just to name a few.

Managing Front Office – The SuperSeva Way

  • Our Focus: As a client-centric organization, we are passionate about serving our customers, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations
  • Our Proficiency: Being an expert provider of managed front office services across various sectors of industry,SuperSeva understands essential parameters to deliver professionally managed services. We customize and deliver services; understanding your work culture; that portrays the brand image of your corporate
  • Why you should outsource it to us?

      Workforce capability– Our strategic advantage

    • Team of well trained, niche market recruitment experts will take care of hiring
    • We have great track records to find resources by building our database through various jobs portals, References, Headhunting and Mapping etc
    • Expertise Team Leaders to handle your issues immediately
    • Employee attrition managed within firm deadlines. We are ready with back-up support to avoid workplace absenteeism
    • Reliability and punctuality ensured. Front office is managed as per the agreed SLAs
    • Regular skill training and grooming sessions provided to Front Office Executives through our professional Partner
    • Cost-effective and predictable expenditures
    • Resource and core competency focus


We believe on “Value-Adding Partnership” – We are winning orders by reference of existing customers and other industry professionals. The word of mouth is a justification of our consistent delivery of service excellence.
For a chat, discussion or further information, please contact us at: + 91 9739222222 / +91 9945239351 or feel free to drop a mail at rajanikanth@superseva.com / Kumud@superseva.com

Make sure you join us on social media to hear all the latest news and offers.

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