Perfect ‘mahurat’ arrives to kick start driving !!


Festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Chhath Pooja, Eid-e-Milad and Christmas is marked on the calendar. Choice list is ready to grab the best wheels in this most auspicious time of the year.

What else can add on to the celebrations??

SuperSeva your concierge partner wishes you many years of happy and safe driving. Make your choice and let’s celebrate.

Keeping in mind your needs of the hour, we bring you the assisted RTO services to your doorstep. Avail our amazing services and ensure the arrival of happiness this festive season.

Making it easier – Offering you services on demand

SuperSeva, your own reliable partner has an expertise to facilitate all types of RTO related Services across 20 Locations PAN India with a cost effective solution. Stay hassle free enjoying benefits from our Corporate RTO Support Services.

  • Applying Driving License (2 wheeler/4 wheeler)
  • Obtaining No Objection Certificate/Clearance Certificate for the vehicle
  • Getting a Registration Certificate (RC Book)
  • Paying Road Tax
  • HP Deletion
  • Vehicle ownership transfer
  • Registration and re-registration of vehicle
  • Change of address/name


Gift yourself a guarantee of complete satisfaction. We’ll leave no stone unturned to sort out the RTO requirements. For further information drop us a mail to or give a call to +91-9590901901

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Managed Services – Facilities and Maintenance


Want to explore an extensive range of facilities and maintenance services??

Facilities Management is a core business of SuperSeva Services. We offer these services, for all industries and asset types, at all major cities in PAN India i.e. Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, etc.

Checkout SuperSeva offerings and grab benefits :-

  • Cost savings of 10% – 20%
  • Improved service delivery by specialist FM service providers
  • Improved management of existing resources
  • The added value of expert consulting
  • Provides maintenance services to commercial and domestic establishments within stipulated SLA
  • Single point of contact for all services
  • Our technicians are already pre-qualified
  • Gains Access to World-Class Capabilities
  • A dedicated Maintenance/Support management executive will be at your service
  • Centralized control and assessment of all maintenance and support activities
  • Real time recording of site activity which provides transparency on working practices
  • The selection of external resource can be made based on best practice and availability
  • Corporate receive one consolidated invoice
  • Management gains transparency
  • Our advanced technology platform will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and responsiveness, and provide 24/7/365 access to track and monitor your portfolio


We’d love to discuss how outsourcing your facilities to us can help you. For a chat, discussion or further information, please contact us at: +91- 9686480636 / +919945239351 or feel free to drop a mail at

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How to make your next journey count?


Let’s help you in saving money and your precious time!!

SuperSeva is your trusted partner to rely on when it comes to travel and entertainment needs all over India.

When you book tickets through us, you can relax and we ensure that you have a memorable and stress-free experience.

What you need to do?

Just inform us what you’re looking for and we will find the best price and seat for you!

We are experts in arranging:


We can also assist in Last Minute Travel Concierge- We serve you with


We are eager to serve your requests .Contact us with yours.

Give us a call on +91-9590901901 or drop an email to .

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Are you struggling to achieve that elusive Work-Life balance?


For so many busy people, running the loads of personal and professional to-do-lists has become an impossible task. At work you’ve got meetings to attend, targets to reach and never ending emails to answer .At personal font you’ve got to manage household, pay bills and other fees, organize holiday and parties, etc.

Now a day’s lifestyle seems permanently tuned fast forward.
Are you struggling to achieve that elusive Work-Life balance?
Are you adding more tasks to your to-do-list rather than crossing them out?
Is your day running smoothly?
Do you take care of only those tasks on your to-do list that you love most?
Do you have the usual stress of not having enough time in the day?

Having a sorted stress-free life sounds impossible!! It’s not when you have SuperSeva Concierge on your mind.

Now you can buy back time with a phone call. 

We have an exceptionally broad and wide-ranging service list to maintain your work-life balance. Some of the services are:

  • Special Occasion Planning and Organization
  • Household Help Services
  • Plumbing and Electrician Services
  • Errand Running
  • Bill and Banking
  • Passport apply and help
  • RTO Assistance
  • Reservations and Tickets
  • And Many More on the list….


We work with you to improve the quality of personal and professional life of you and your employees, to optimize the performance of your business.
SuperSeva Concierge offers employers nationwide, cost-effective benefits that improves employee productivity and reduces company costs.

Contact us today on +91-9590901901 or you can drop a mail to to get your life sorted.

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Corporate RTO – One of our top requested services


How can SuperSeva assist in my RTO service requests?

SuperSeva provides end to end assistance in all documentation as well as sales related support to corporate for their RTO related requirements. We provide services like Vehicle ownership transfer, Registration and re-registration, Vehicle NOC, Change of address, applying driving license, Change of name, HP deletion etc

Will you assist in obtaining Clearance Certificate (cc)/No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the event of Sale/Removal of vehicle outside the state?

If the owner desires to remove or sell his vehicle outside the jurisdiction of registering authority within the State or outside the jurisdiction of registered authority we can help out in getting the Clearance Certificate (cc)/No Objection Certificate (NOC).

  • Documents Required: Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Permit and Fitness Certificate (in case of transport vehicle)
  • We will assist in clearing tax arrears, DSA cases etc and help in issuance of NOC


Please brief about HP Deletion. Can you assist in this?

In case you had bought your vehicle through Bank Financing, the vehicle would be hypothecated (HP) with the bank and name of the bank would appear in your RC book. Once you have cleared the loan, you should get the HP deleted. We will take you through step wise process of getting NOC from bank for HP deletion in respective forms, required documentation and make your due representation with RTO office

If an employee is relocating to a new city, what benefits will he/she get availing your RTO assistance?

  • They do not have to go to the RTO office as all the paperwork is handled by SuperSeva Officers
  • They do not have to worry about the how/where of the vehicle paperwork hence they have reduced stress levels
  • Better focus on their core deliverable
  • Due to reduced stress, the productivity of the employee increases

What are you thinking of? Stay hassle free enjoying benefits from SuperSeva’s Corporate RTO Support Services.

For any queries regarding our services, contact our experts on +91-9590901901 or drop an email

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What you can gain through SuperSeva’s Facility Management ?


  1. Our end-to-end facilities management solution helps you make the most of your enterprise’s facilities.SuperSeva ensures a high ROI for your facilities. We cover all aspects whether it’s related to productivity or cost efficiency
  2. We consistently leverage our 16+ years’ experience to deliver an all-inclusive, well planned and commercial facilities management solution. All maintenance and management tasks are impeccably transferred to our experts. You can depend on our deep industry experience to make the most of your facilities
  3. As our client, you will be provided all details to have a clear understanding about your facilities performance. We have the skill, experience and resources to manage complicated projects involving huge investments. We are also available for the management of smaller facilities with modest budgets
  4. From facilities expansion to designing effective solutions, our facilities management specialists are capable of a broad range of services. You can approach SuperSeva regardless of your facilities’ size, nature and needs
  5. SuperSeva offers benefits in the form of end-to-end service which validates all help-desk facility work that’s being carried out. We aim to ensure that all requests are dealt with within a precise timescale, prioritized according to their urgency, and that departments are kept alert on progress of these requests

Whatever you need, we’ll find a solution right for you.

If your organization is looking at outsourcing this critical function to a specialist, please call us at +91-7026605888or mail us at / Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join our social networks to be up-to-date with the latest bytes on service offerings and offers.

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Relax your job will be done!!


With family, work, and other social commitments, life gets messy very quickly and after a while, things start to slip.

Point to note, even if we do all the planning ahead of time, it can still be interrupted by last minute surprises. However the key is to remember that balance is about choices and prioritizing what is most important at that time.

You can keep trying to get everything done, but is the personal stress and anxiety worth it? Sometimes the only way to reach your outcome is to outsource.

Honestly we have the easiest way to get all your things done.

  • Hire our personal concierge who can chip away all that never ending to-do list of yours
  • We have spent over 20 years developing trusted relationships with every type of trade and service imaginable over PAN India
  • You’ll stay secured as your task will be managed by a concierge expert or industry professional. If there is an unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will ensure that it is resolved to your complete satisfaction
  • The advantage of “Working with Us” – We are a team of experts, not an one-man-army. Even if your regular personal concierge is absent the quality of service will remain unaltered. Another dedicated concierge expert will take care of your requirements
  • SuperSeva Premium Concierge can organize almost anything! As long as it is legal and ethical. If we cannot perform the service for you, we will quickly and efficiently find the best resource for your job completion

In case you have any questions regarding our services or have a service request, please contact us at +91-9590901901 or drop an email to You can visit to place your requests online.

We will be delighted to assist.

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